The Simple
Approach to
Pari-Mutuel Investing
Handicapping Analysis Pre-bet System.

While our system is profitable, very easy to use and everyone is welcome to join, our system is not for
everyone. Our system will not provide instant profits for our users. Our prebet system does go through
long losing streaks along with winning streaks and one must understand our system is to be used for long
term investing. You will need to implement our system for at least 1-2 months before you will see
consistent profits.

Our system is specifically designed to be used as a prebet system. What this means is you bet all of our
selections the morning before the races. You don't have to watch the tote board, or even watch the races
at all. This allows our clients to make their bets each day and be done in literally 5-10 minutes. For a list
of available race tracks played
Click here.

The daily picks system is actually comprised of 5 separate systems. Each system generates its own
unique picks as they each focus on different inefficiencies within horse racing. We use specialized
software not available publicly and we are able to test all of our systems against our extensive database.
Our database is comprised of every single race from every major daytime track for the last 5 years. The
prebet system that is now available through our web site was tested for the last 2 years, each year it
made money. Even better than that, each month it made money. There are always losing streaks of a
couple weeks, but combining all systems it has no losing months.

How it works: When you are ready to become a member just visit our join page, and click on the "Buy
Now" button. You will be taken to a secure credit card transaction area where you can purchase. Once
we receive notification of your payment, we will email you the picks for the next day and you will receive
our picks by email each day for the next 30 days. We will usually send out the picks the night before the
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