The Simple
Approach to
Pari-Mutuel Investing
About Us is comprised of a small team of three handicappers with
a combined 50 years of experience in horse handicapping. Becoming successful at
horse handicapping is not impossible, but we admit that it is a laborious task to
wade through the trenches of false handicapping theories, myths, and all those who
say, “Just send me $39.99, and my 30% winners with 60% ROI system will be
yours!”  We are here to make that journey easier.

We are what you would call realists. We are such because we are analysts,
researchers, and are successful at it; and in light of that we seek to speak of horse
investing as it really is. It is a daunting, but doable, task with no easy cake walk road
to success.  We are not about providing entertainment for gamblers; rather, we are
about consulting with those who wish to invest in a market that may prove to be
much more lucrative than any stocks, bonds, or banks.    

A lot of our research is available (consult our
Articles) where light is shed on some of
the most common myths, lies, and fallacies of horse racing (more to come); which
we believe is the first step towards proper and true investing.  
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