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The Importance Of Keeping The Money Off Shore.

One of our research and handicapping team members has known a former horse
trainer, owner, and currently an avid horse better for many years.  This individual
sells a trifecta system for $1,500 (still available on the internet), and, like every other
exacta or trifecta system for sale, he promises great results using his system that
took him a lifetime to create etc… etc…(throw in all the other usual meaningless

What is the problem with these types of systems?  To begin, if anyone was intelligent
at all, and they had a system that worked, they would not sell it to many people who
would end up betting that system in the US pools; and it’s not a question of whether
they want to share the wealth or not.  Rather, the simple math of exacta and trifecta
pools is just too detrimental.  What do I mean?  If you take an average high payoff for
a trifecta, lets say $3,000, and then compare that with the tracks trifecta pool, lets
say 20,000 (depends on the track obviously), you will find that there about six people
who had 2 dollar tickets on that trifecta.  Now, if you were to sell a system that spits
out trifecta combinations etc…, and sold it to only 10 people, what would the results
then be?  You must now add 10 more 2-dollar tickets to the original 6 for a total of 16
tickets.  Then, dividing that into the total pool, one will see that the trifecta pay off will
drop to $1,250, a decrease of 59% for only 10 more people!

Now, what if this system was sold to 50 people?  In the same example the pay off
would go down to $357.00.  Of course, if you play the lower odds horses which
generate lower payoffs, your tickets won’t matter as much; yet, it will be impossible to
make money in the long run when you can never, mathematically, cash a trifecta
ticket above $400.00 (assuming a 20,000 pool)!     

You can now see the importance of keeping your money out of the US pools
(especially when using Handicapping Analysis Selections). Every dollar that goes into
the U.S. pari-mutuel pool on your bet decreases the amount of money you will win.
There are many off shore betting sites, and a lot of them offer a rebate program.
One we like is
www.bodoglife.com which offers a 3% rebate on all WPS wagers.

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